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To my Mia……

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MiaMy world changed forever the day you died.
You are gone from my arms, but never from my heart.

Here’s what I would tell you….

Thank you again for your generous and valiant heart, you saved me from the sadness of that last long drive and waited for me to leave.    I always knew you would be the one to spare me.

Thank you for ruling our pack with a golden tongue, for teaching the puppies, for forgiving us when we didn’t think you were the leader, you taught us much. 

Thank you for always riding shotgun, no matter where we were headed you were happy to go.
Thank you for the nights you waited for me in ER parking lots in the car, for being our on call dog, cheering up the staff.
Thank you for being such a wonderful therapy dog, bringing joy to all.
Thank you for sharing yourself with Mom and Dad every Saturday and keeping Dad oriented, and for being there for us when he died.
Thank you for adapting to a changed Saturday lunch and seeing Mom in rehab instead, it was such a long walk for you but down that hall you went, so giving as always. 
Thank you for waiting past Thanksgiving, when we could all be together with you at the center. 
Thank you for telling Jammer it was time to wake Bob and for letting him be with you at the end, his heart is broken too.
Most of all, I will say again what I have said to you almost every day for fifteen and a half years, through dogs past and those yet to come……

You’re the ONE, you’re MY girl. I love you with all my heart, every day, and all the time.


Mia and Woody on the couch

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